YoYo Dribble and In Out Dribble

by Ali Salimy
(Glasgow, Scotland)

Basketball Dribbling Drills

Basketball Dribbling Drills

Here are two great basketball dribbling drills. If you can do these drills perfectly you will be able to do all the dribbling moves.

YoYo Basketball Dribbling Drill

-Start off with one basketball (whatever hand you please).

-Dribble the ball back and forth like a yoyo trying to lock your elbow as you do this.

-After you have dribbled the full-court and back do this with your other hand.

In-Out Basketball Dribbling Drill

-Start off the same as the yoyo dribbling drill but this time you want to dribble the basketball in front of your body from side to side crossing your body with one dribble.

-Once you have gone full-court and back, switch hands.

Note: While doing these basketball dribbling drills you MUST LOOK UP and remember these are walking drills.

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