Who should inbound the basketball?

by Alberto
(Puerto Rico)

Basketball Inbounds Play

Basketball Inbounds Play

Who should in bound the ball in youth basketball?

The shooting guard, forward or the center?

Is it right to put the five, or biggest player, inbound the basketball all the time?

Is the five player in a disadvantage when he inbounds the ball and is the last player to arrive to the other side of the court?

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Jul 21, 2009
by: Beaufort Bill

One mistake I think many teams make is to have a designated inbounder after a made basket. What this often does is to allow the defense to set up. The player who catches the ball after a made shot immediately step out of bounds before the defense can set up. Ideally the ball should be caught before it hits the floor. Inbounder needs to remember that she can run the baseline and should avoid inbounding from behind the backboard.

At the offensive end I believe an important point in inbounder selection is: Do not take your best shooter off the court.If your tallest player has the smarts and the ability she should be the inbounder.

Feb 04, 2008
Basketball Inbounds Play
by: Tim

Your best passer other than your point guard whoever that may be. On our JV and Varsity team it happens to be our number 4 player(forward). They have the strength to throw the long inbound pass on the press break and are the outlet after the ball is inbounded.

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