Tayshaun Prince Blocks Reggie Miller

by April W.
(Michigan, USA)

Picture of Tayshaun Prince Blocking Reggie Miller's Shot.

Picture of Tayshaun Prince Blocking Reggie Miller's Shot.

I love this basketball picture because I am a huge Detroit Pistons fan.

This NBA playoff series was really close, and hard fought. Reggie Miller was close to retiring, and Tayshaun Prince in my opinion has always been hugely undervalued as to how good of a player he is.

In this picture, Reggie was just going up to make a shot, seemingly having plenty of time to make it. Then out of NOWHERE, Tayshaun comes flying up to swat it away.

He FLEW to the basket and that play was shown again and again on ESPN and all the sports channels that night. I was watching the game when it happened and I remember jumping out of my chair at that play. It was amazing!

To me, this one shot captures the hard working mentality of the Detroit Pistons as they won that series. They may not all be superstars but night after night, season after season they get it done.

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Dec 17, 2007
Love it!
by: Joe Waters - webmaster

Thanks April, this is an awesome picture.

I agree with you, Tayshaun Prince is an underrated NBA player. However, this picture and your description sums up his tenacity and effort on the basketball court.

His style of play fits right in with the Pistons style. So even though he may be underrated compared to other NBA stars, he was a critical piece of the Pistons puzzle.

Great basketball picture - thanks again!

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