Simple Youth Basketball
Play 7: "Eagle"

Simple Youth Basketball Play 7 is called "Eagle". This is a very simple play to teach, learn and execute - yet extremely difficult to defend.

This play utilizes multiple cuts, screens, a hand-off and the pick and roll. When executed properly, this play will produce multiple high-percentage scoring opportunities for you!

I hope you find this play to be helpful and informative!

Enjoy and best of luck!

Simple Basketball Play 7:

To help you understand the play, please follow the key below.

  • 1 = Point Guard

  • 2 = Wing

  • 3 = Wing

  • 4 = Post

  • 5 = Post

  • Black Dotted Arrow = Pass

  • Black Straight Arrow = Player Movement

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  • The players start in a 3 out - 2 in formation with the wings spread outside the 3-point line.

  • 5 will flash hard to the high post.

  • 1 will pass to 5 in the high post.

  • 2 will cut toward the top of the key.

  • 5 will hand the ball off to 2.

  • As this is happening, 4 will come to the free throw line and set a screen for 2.

  • 2 will take the ball from 5, then use 4's screen to dribble toward the basket.

  • After setting the screen, 4 will roll to the basket for the pick and roll play.

  • As this is happening, 1 should cut to the basket for a possible pass or to rebound.

  • 3 should rotate to the top to defend against a fast-break.

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