Problems With Shooting Form

by John

Picture of Girl Basketball Players

Picture of Girl Basketball Players

I'm currently coaching in three youth basketball leagues for girls (grades 5TH thru 8TH).

The biggest problem I'm facing is when the girls prepare to shoot the basketball; they are bringing the ball down low before they shoot it.

In other words, their shooting arm is in the L position but they lose it when they bring the ball down before they shoot it. It seems as though they are losing strength by doing this.

Any advice would be helpful.


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Jan 14, 2008
They may lack the strength to shoot.
by: Joe Waters - webmaster

Great basketball question on shooting John.

Usually when players bring the basketball down like that before shooting they are either...

1. Not strong enough to shoot the ball so they have to bring it down to give it that extra push.

2. Outside of their shooting range. If they're shooting from too far away from the basket, they will need to give the ball that extra push to get it to the hoop.

I would have them work on form shooting close to the basket or against the wall. And also make sure they are shooting from with their range. Also be sure that they are using proper shooting form at all times throughout their drills.

If you need more advice on teaching shooting, check out our basketball shooting page.

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