Nike Flights

by Jeremy Phillips
(Ohio, USA)

Picture Of Nike Basketball Sneakers - Air Flight Supreme SG

Picture Of Nike Basketball Sneakers - Air Flight Supreme SG

Nike Flights are the best kind of basketball sneakers because they are extremely comfortable and have good traction.

I play high school Junior Varsity basketball and they help me make lay-ups and 3-point shots without slipping.

Once I used Adidas basketball shoes and when I was running toward the hoop and I suddenly tripped over the side of my shoe because they are made so wide.

I think these are the best to use on the basketball court because they are a snug fit, have good air flow and they move with your feet instead of being heavy.

I always trust Nike Flights basketball shoes and highly recommend them.

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Dec 06, 2007
Great Choice for Basketball Sneakers
by: Joe Waters - webmaster

Excellent pick Jeremy.

I'm with you on the Nike and Adidas choice.

I've always felt much more comfortable in my Nike basketball shoes. I don't know if it's my foot or the sneaker, but Adidas basketball shoes never felt very comfortable on me.

I'll stick with my Nikes. Thanks for the great selection.

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