Nike Air Zoom Ultraflight

by Taylor

Picture Of The Nike Air Zoom Ultraflight Sneakers

Picture Of The Nike Air Zoom Ultraflight Sneakers

These basketball sneakers are awesome. Not only are they good-looking, they are the most comfortable basketball shoes I’ve ever worn.

Their ankle support is excellent, their traction can’t be beat and the cushioning is snug but comfortable and molded to my foot almost immediately. As an added bonus, you can actually feel air flow through the shoe cooling your feet while you play.

The Nike Air Zoom Ultraflight was designed to be worn by guards as they are lightweight and provide the stability needed for speed, fast stops and changes of direction. It is not a recommended shoe for bigger or heavy-set players or anyone who regularly battles under the basket.

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Nov 28, 2007
These basketball sneakers sound awesome!
by: Joe Waters - webmaster

Hey Taylor thanks for the great description of the Nike Air Zoom Ultraflight Sneakers. They sound like an amazing sneaker.

Great comfort, excellent support and stability, and the air flow technology sounds incredible. What a great idea to allow air in to cool the foot while you're playing. I'm sure all basketball players will be able to appreciate that.

Just curious, you say these basketball shoes aren't recommended for bigger players...are any "Bigs" out there wearing them? If so, how are they performing for you?

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