Michaell Jordan

by Ashley

Michael Jordan Picture

Michael Jordan Picture

Michael Jordan is the best NBA player of all time.

He was so amazing. The reason I think he was amazing is because every minute the clock was ticking he was working his butt off on defense or trying to get an open shot or pass to one of his teammates on offense.

He wasn't a ball hog. He practiced on and off the basketball court - before and after practice - and even at his house.

He wasn't arrogant or selfish like most NBA players today and he didn't try to bring attention to himself. Instead, he tried to bring attention to the whole team!

These are the reasons why I love Michael Jordan #23!

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Jan 23, 2008
by: Anonymous

He is the best.

Jan 14, 2008
Michael Jordan Rules...
by: Joe Waters - webmaster

Michael Jordan has received more votes on this forum than any other NBA player.

There's a simple reason for that - he's incredible!

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