Michael Jordan Basketball Picture

by Richard
(Columbus, OH USA)

Picture Of Michael Jordan Dunk

Picture Of Michael Jordan Dunk

My favorite basketball picture has to be this Michael Jordan dunk.

It brings back so many great memories of Michael Jordan's playing days. I can still remember this slam-dunk contest and all the creative and crazy dunks he was pulling out that night.

This is also my favorite basketball picture because I've had the poster on my wall for many years. I guess when you grow up idolizing a player you want to keep as many memories of them as possible.

This is by far my favorite basketball picture of all time!

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Nov 14, 2007
I love this Michael Jordan Basketball Picture!
by: Tom

Oh man, I love this picture and I also have the poster.

In my mind, that was probably the best slam-dunk contest in the history of the event!

This is just an awesome picture that shows his elevation, concentration, creativity and determination.

(Plus, I love the old guy in the front row with the suit and tie...he loves this dunk too!!)

This basketball picture of Michael Jordan is AWESOME!

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