Larry Bird

by Linda
(Boston, MA, USA)

Picture of Larry Bird Superstar

Picture of Larry Bird Superstar

Larry Bird played with his mind as much as he played with his athletic skills.

He was not the fastest runner on the basketball court. He was not anywhere near being a jumper. Larry Bird was a mastermind.

He knew how to pass. He knew who to pass to and when. He knew how to pass the ball behind his back to a player he could not see. His passes were bullets and they were also gentle touches that always resulted in a score.

He brought the Boston Celtics to a new level of excitement during the 1980's. He worked with a team of men who together brought home more NBA Championship banners to the then called Boston Garden.

Larry Bird was a gentleman who never caused controversy off the court. He appreciated other skilled basketball players and always brought his game to a higher level when the competition was tough.

Larry Bird is the Best NBA Player ever.

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Oct 13, 2013
Bird was simply amazing!
by: Anonymous

I think Michael Jordan is the greatest
basketball player to ever lace 'em up, but I put Larry Bird at No. 2.

I've been watching some YouTube footage of him recently, and he has to be the best shooter of all time. Period. He could and did shoot from anywhere. Simply amazing confidence in his own shot and just how effortless he made it look draining long-range shots!!

His passing ability was out of this world as well. He dished off to teammates in an almost unconscious fashion, and afterwards, you scratch your head and say, "How did he do that!? Incredible!"

His competitive fire ranks up there with Jordan's. Larry always wanted to win, and he hustled for loose balls like he was the 12th man on the roster clinging to his roster spot.

He was as clutch as anybody who ever played. He might be a reptile because there definitely is ice water in his veins. For a last shot, give it to Larry.

This man was a basketball genius!

Dec 06, 2007
Right On Linda...Larry Bird Rules
by: Joe Waters - webmaster

I've said this many times, and maybe it's because I grew up watching him play...but Larry Bird is the greatest NBA player of all time.

I love Michael Jordan and think he was the most dominant player to ever step on the basketball court; however, I learned so much about the game of basketball by watching Larry Bird and the Boston Celtics battle and Magic Johnson and the Lakers.

That was great individual and team basketball back then. It was a great time to be an NBA fan.

I agree with you Linda, Larry Bird wasn't the fastest, most athletic or physically gifted player in the NBA, but he just knew how to play the game of basketball.

He was an amazing individual player, capable of doing whatever he wanted on the court, but I think his greatest gift was his ability to get him teammates involved in the game and make them better basketball players.

Hey, you don't win three championships by being a selfish player. Larry Bird knew how to compete, he knew how to make everyone around him better and he knew how to win.

He didn't get the name Larry "The Legend" Bird for nothing!

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