Lane Vioalation

by Caleb

Basketball Free Throws

Basketball Free Throws

I've had the same free throw routine since i have been in elementary school.

Catch the basketball take 2 steps to the line, dribble 3 times, deep breath and shoot.

Well the other day when I caught the basketball I took my 2 steps to the line and before I even shot the referee called me for a lane violation and i didn't understand.

This is a basketball game late in the season - if it was a rule I think it would have been called by now.

So is it me or the ref?

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Feb 25, 2008
That doesn't make sense...
by: Joe Waters - webmaster

Your free throw routine sounds good. Not sure what the referee could have called a violation on.

My advice would be to ask the ref if this ever happens again. This way, you know exactly why he called the violation on you.

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