Kobe Bryant

by Mark Doyle
(San Diego)

Kobe Bryant Picture

Kobe Bryant Picture

When Kobe Bryant gets the basketball and wants to score, there is not a thing that anybody can do about it. He will take over the final seconds, whole quarter, game ... whatever.

When he defends someone and decides he is going to lock them down, it's over for them. They will hardly even get a shot off.

When he decides he is going to play Magic and hook his teammates up with sick dishes so they have wide open looks there is no one better.

When it's time for a little showtime and Kobe wants to cross you up and drive on you for some insane dunk get your popcorn ready ( Yao Ming )

There is no debate. We just get to sit back and enjoy something really amazing. Lucky us!

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Jun 10, 2008
Kobe Bryant..
by: Josh

There are only 2 people that can stop him when he's on the top of his game, himself and God.

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