Kevin Garnett

by Marlin Johnson
(Corsica, South Dakota)

Picture of Kevin Garnett

Picture of Kevin Garnett

Kevin Garnett has my vote for the best NBA player.

He can do almost anything on the basketball court.

He is so awesome.

Darn I even think he is better than Michael Jordan.

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Jan 14, 2008
KG is an incredible basketball player.
by: Joe Waters - webmaster

There's no doubt that Keven Garnett is an amazing basketball player.

I think he is one of the NBA players that revolutionized the power forward position. He's almost 7 feet tall and can handle the basketball and shoot like a shooting guard. He's incredible.

Since he came into the NBA, there have been more big men that play his style of game. That says a lot for the impact he's made on the NBA and the game of basketball.

Thanks for the great vote Marlin.

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