Practice Like A Champion With These Free Youth
Basketball Drills

These Free Youth Basketball Drills are designed to help you improve your skills and take your game to the next level!

Although some of these drills are simple and designed to help younger players, they can certainly be used for players at any level of competition.

By learning and practicing the drills in this section...

  • Players will improve their skills needed to be more successful at the game of basketball.

  • Parents will be more able to help their child practice the skills needed to succeed at the game of basketball.

  • Coaches will increase their knowledge and understanding of the game of basketball.

These free youth basketball drills will give you a thorough understanding of the basic skills needed to play the game of basketball effectively.

Regardless of what level you play or coach at, basic basketball skills are the foundation needed to be successful. In order to improve your game, both as a player and coach, you must understand and master these basic skills of basketball.

If you're serious about improving your game, these free youth basketball drills will definitely help get you to the next level!

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Free Youth Basketball Drills

Free Youth Basketball Drill #1: Clap Pass Drill

Description - This is a great group passing drill that not only works on passing and catching, but also player concentration.

Instructions - The players should form a circle around the coach. The coach will pass the basketball to one of the players in the group. The player must clap their hands and then catch the ball.

The players will sit out if:

  • They do not catch the ball.

  • They do not clap their hands.

  • They clap their hands when the coach fakes a pass to them.

Players - Any Number.

Tips - Players should concentrate on first clapping and then catching the basketball.

Variations - You can have a second passer in the center of the circle so that two basketballs are being passed at the same time.

Skills - Passing, Catching, Eye-Hand Coordination, & Concentration.

Free Youth Basketball Drill #2: Speed Lay-up Drill

Description - The coach will time the players for one minute for this drill. The team will try to make as many lay-ups as possible. The team will count out loud the number of shots made - and encourage their teammates.

Instructions - One player will start with a basketball on the right side of the basket. On the coach's command, the player will shoot a lay-up from the right side using the backboard.

After the shot, make or miss, the player will get the basketball and go to the left side of the basket. The player will continue to alternate sides and shoot lay-ups. The team should count how many baskets are made in one minute.

Players - 1 At A Time.

Tips - Players should not dribble between shots - they are just working on grabbing the rebound and going up for the shot.

Variations - Instead of alternating sides, have the players shoot for one minute from the right side only or left side only.

Skills - Lay-Ups & Rebounding.

Free Youth Basketball Drill #3: Pass, Catch & Pivot Drill

Description - Three players will line up in a straight line - the two end players should be about 30 feet apart. This drill helps players work on passing, catching and pivoting.

Instructions - One of the end players will start with the basketball as the first passer. To start the drill the middle player will cut towards the passer to receive the basketball. The receiver should perform a jump stop as they are receiving the pass.

After the receiver catches the basketball, they should pivot toward the other end player and make a pass to them. After making the pass, the middle player will cut towards the end player and repeat the steps above.

Each player should be in the middle for either 1 minute or 10 passes - players will then rotate positions.

Players - 3.

Tips - The spacing between players, number of passes made, and time limit can be modified for different age groups.

Variations - You can also have the end players work on their jump stop and pivot as the ball is being passed to them.

Skills - Passing, Catching, Moving To Meet The Pass, Jump Stop, & Pivoting.

Free Youth Basketball Drill #4: Hot Hands Drill

Description - This is a fun and easy way to teach children what traveling is and how to avoid doing it. The players will spread out in the half-court area.

Instructions - Players are not allowed to dribble the basketball in this game! The players will simply make passes to the other players on the court.

The player who receives the pass can take two steps and then has to pass the ball to a teammate. As soon as the player receives the pass, they have to count out loud the number of steps they take. If the player takes more than two steps, they are out of the game.

Players - 6 to 10.

Tips - This drill should be started at a slow pace so that younger players can completely understand the concept of traveling.

Variations - You can also divide the players into two teams for this drill to make it more competitive. Also, instead of having the players sit out if they travel - you can have them do a conditioning exercise (sprint, jumping jacks, etc...) and then re-enter the drill.

Skills - Passing, Catching, & No Traveling.

Free Youth Basketball Drill #5: Ball Scramble Drill

Description - This is a great warm-up drill for younger players. Players start in a designated area on the court (center circle, free throw lane, etc...). Each player will start with a basketball.

Instructions - On the coach's command, the players will drop their basketball and run to a designated area on the court (baseline, bleachers, etc...) and then return. While the players are running, the coach will remove one of the basketballs. When the players return they must immediately grab a basketball. The player without a ball is out of the game.

Players - Any Number.

Tips - The players should hustle as they run and go after the basketballs. As the number of players gets lower, the starting area should be reduced.

Variations - The coach can remove more than one basketball.

Skills - Reaction To Loose Balls, Hustling & Conditioning.

Free Youth Basketball Drill #6: Chase Drill

Description - This is a simple drill that only takes about 30 to 60seconds, but practices several basic skills of basketball. It's another great drill for young basketball players.

Instructions - Player 1 starts at the foul line with the basketball. Player 2 starts at the low block on either side of the lane. Player 1 will shoot the ball and stay at the foul line. Whether the shot is made or missed, player 2 will grab the rebound, take the ball out of bounds and give player 1 a good chest pass at the foul line.

Player 1 will then dribble quickly to the opposite basket attempting to shoot a lay-up. Player 2 will sprint down the court and attempt to either strip the ball away from player 1 or get into position to play defense. The players will then switch roles and come back down the court.

Players - 2.

Tips - Players should hustle to get into good defensive position and avoid fouling.

Variations - Have the offensive player shoot a jump shot at the opposite end of the court instead of a lay-up.

Skills - Foul shooting, Rebounding, Speed Dribbling, Lay-Ups, Defense, Passing & Conditioning.


I hope you found these Free Youth Basketball Drills to be helpful and informative. These are simple and fun drills that can be used at any level competition - even though they are designed for younger players. They do a great job of helping players work on the fundamentals of the game!

For more great advice on basketball, please check out our youth basketball tips page.

Enjoy and best of luck!

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