Ervin Magic Johnson

by Wayne A. Gould
(Miramar, Florida USA)

Magic Johnson Picture

Magic Johnson Picture

The greatest basketball player of all time and certainly in my life time is Earvin Magic Johnson.

He had all the skill requirement of a great player and the physical attributes to complement his skill set.

He was able to play the center, forward and guard positions whenever needed, although his greatest strengths were at the point guard position. No other player before him or since him was even close at being able to play all five positions at a premium level.

This is a summary of how great he was:

  • One of the greatest distributors of the basketball, both with conventional and spectacular passes.

  • An excellent individual and team defender.

  • An above average presence in the front and back court as well the center position.

  • He had excellent intangibles which can be measured in the five championship rings to start.

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Jun 20, 2011
Top 5 of All Time
by: Workhomeunion

I'd certainly place Magic in the top 5 of all time. It's hard to rate the top five after Michael Jordan but I am very tempted to place Magic Johnson in the second spot, Kobe in the third, Bill Russell 4th, and Larry Bird 5th.

Feb 10, 2011
by: Anonymous

I love me some Magic Johnson man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 22, 2011
man am I rusty!
by: nick

hope all is well in your life and that your labors are not unforgotten. I am sure your legacy of unselfish strength won't be tarnished by a little time off.

Nov 28, 2007
Magic Johnson Revolutionized The Point Guard Position
by: Joe Waters - webmaster

Wayne I can tell you're a huge Magic Johnson fan, as I am.

I grew up watching Magic Johnson battle Larry Bird and they both revolutionized the NBA.

At 6' 9", Magic Johnson revolutionized the point guard position. He was the first "big" point guard that set the standard for all big guards after him.

He had the ability to control the pace of the game (which was usually up-tempo for the Lakers), get his teammates involved offensively, and get everyone around him to raise their level of play.

He certainly wasn't the greatest athlete in the league, but he knew how to play the game of basketball. His basketball fundamentals were solid.

Having said that, I still think his greatest assets were his ability to motivate and lead his teammates to play at their highest level possible. And to get the Lakers to play hard and play to win every night.

Magic Johnson was a true champion of the NBA.

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