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by Jim
(New Jersey, USA)

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This is probably one of the most famous basketball pictures of all time.

It was one of the best-selling posters of any NBA player. I had this poster in my bedroom as a teen-ager and so did a couple of my friends.

I never really followed basketball until Julius Erving (AKA "Dr. J" or "The Doctor") joined the Philadelphia 76ers. He just soared above the rest of the guys on the floor and his jams were silky smooth.

I remember their first championship series against the Lakers and I was so disappointed when the Sixers didn't win. But they won it all in 1983.

I know that kids of today remember Michael Jordan but I hope they do a little homework on the man who really turned on professional basketball - DR J.!!!!

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Dec 06, 2007
Amazing Picture Of Dr. J
by: Joe Waters - webmaster

You're right Jim, this is one of the greatest basketball pictures of all time.

Dr. J did indeed help revolutionize the game. His dunks were unbelievable and his athletic ability on the basketball court was unmatched at that time.

I also remember Philadelphia 76ers NBA championship runs. Although some were successful and some weren't...they were always exciting. This was mainly due to Dr. J's amazing performances on the court.

Thanks for the great basketball picture of an NBA legend.

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