Defensive Slide Drill

by Scott Lane

Picture of Defensive Basketball Player

Picture of Defensive Basketball Player

This basketball drill is called the Defensive Slide Drill

Level: Beginner and Up

Instructions: Place a cone on each wing and a cone a few feet above the top of the key.

Players line up single file underneath the basket.

Coach says "Start".

First player in line closes out on cone at top of the key and then slides to cone on left wing.

Upon reaching that cone, player performs a drop step and slides all the way across to the cone on the other wing.

Player then sprints to the opposite baseline and then jogs backs into line.

Key points: Low defensive stance. Arms wide. Do not cross feet. Stay on toes; not heels. Maintain balance.

This is a great basketball drill that emphasizes the fundamentals of defensive play.

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Sep 22, 2010
Goood Drill
by: Anonymous

This is a good basketball drill.

I tried it before and it helped me become a good basketball player.

Dec 17, 2007
Great Defensive Drill
by: Joe Waters - webmaster

Thanks Scott...this is a great basketball drill for many reasons.

First, and most obvious, it works on the footwork for the defensive slide. That's the most fundamental element to playing good defense.

Second, it works on the drop step and slide. This is often overlooked by coaches and players, but the drop step and slide is a critical part of playing man defense.

Third, it works on conditioning. As the players are sliding, they are working on their stamina and conditioning. But also as they sprint down and jog back, they are getting even more conditioning.

This is an excellent basketball drill because it works on a variety of skills needed to play great defense.

Excellent drill Scott.

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