David Robinson

by Sharon
(San Antonio, TX, USA)

Picture of David Robinson

Picture of David Robinson

Besides being an incredible athlete and one of the best centers to play the game, David Robinson is a gentleman.

He personifies duty and commitment by his act of fulfilling his duties to the Navy prior to pursuing a professional basketball career.

He was a true leader while a member of the San Antonio Spurs but always gave credit to God and his teammates for his incredible performances.

He continues to serve the city of San Antonio even after his retirement from the NBA by starting a school for disadvantaged students with over 9 million dollars of his own money.

David Robinson is a winner in every sense of the word!

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Dec 06, 2007
A Great Player and Person
by: Joe Waters - webmaster

David Robinson was an amazing talent on the basketball court, and definitely one of the greatest NBA players in the history of the game.

His athletic skills and basketball accomplishments are indisputable; however, what I've always been impressed by with David Robinson is the type of person he is.

Sharon, I think your comments sum up the wonderful person David Robinson is. Not only does the community benefit from his generous personality, but the San Antonio Spurs have also benefited over the years.

A basketball team often reflects the personality of their leader. The Spurs (when David was the leader and now that Tim Duncan is the leader) have always had a great team personality. No showboats, loudmouths, or disrespectful players. I think much of this has to do with having David around for so many years.

There is no doubt that David Robinson is one of the greatest NBA players of all time, and the type of player that the NBA needs more of.

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