Calvin Brock Picture

by Theodore Nocella
(Moline, IL, USA)

Calvin Brock Drunk

Calvin Brock Drunk

This picture gives a view rarely seen for a dunk, and captures it at just the right moment on the between the legs.

So many dunking pictures show the ball all ready in the net, but on a dunk of this difficulty there is so much that goes in to it. The timing and precision of the jump, the coordination of not only bringing the ball through the legs, but then putting it in to the hoop.

This picture captures the art of the dunk and the finesse that goes in to a lot of the creative and eye opening dunks that are out there, and not just the raw power. The view on the dunk has a lot to do with how awesome this picture really is, and also the difficulty of the dunk.

To the same degree, it shows how much practice you must put in to the game to be able to do something like this and the incredible gifts that some humans have.

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Nov 28, 2007
What an incredible basketball picture!
by: Joe Waters - webmaster

Wow, Theodore! This is an awesome view of the Calvin Brock dunk.

I've never seen such a detailed, close-up and descriptive overhead picture of a slam-dunk.

I especially like how the picture shows the finer details of the dunk. You can see that Calvin's right hand just passed the basketball between his legs to his left hand. And he is ready to "throw it down" with his left hand.

I also like the intense focus and concentration you see on Calvin's face just as he gets ready to dunk the basketball.

This really is a great basketball picture...thanks Theodore.

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