Finding The Perfect Basketball Uniforms

The right youth basketball uniforms give basketball teams a sense of unity and instill in them team spirit. Having a winning team requires great athletic skill on the court, of course, but there is also a mental side to winning. The right uniforms can help give your team that edge.

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Youth basketball uniforms generally consist of shorts, tank tops or basketball jerseys, socks and sneakers. Shorts may or may not have drawstring waists but should fit comfortably. Despite the current fashion trend in which boys wear pants several sizes too large so that the garments almost fall down, basketball players should wear shorts that fit properly. After all, you don’t want a team member’s pants to fall down when he jumps up to make a basket!

Basketball outfits are usually made from lightweight synthetic material, like rayon, nylon and/or polyester. Some basketball shirts have mesh panels along the sides to improve ventilation. Basketball clothing is often made from materials designed to “wick” away moisture to keep players dry even when they play hard. These features don’t just increase the comfort of the players; increased comfort leads to improved performance.


Youth basketball uniforms for boys and girls typically look similar. Each player is assigned a number and that number is displayed on both the front and back of their basketball shirts. The name of the team is usually printed on the front of the shirt, as well, and sometimes the player’s last name is printed on the back of the basketball shirt.

Basketball teams usually have at least two styles of uniforms, one to wear at home games and one to wear when away at games. The home team typically wears a light colored uniform while the visiting team typically wears a dark colored outfit. Therefore, if the team colors are green and white, players might wear white shirts with green lettering and green accents when playing at home and green shirts with white lettering and white accents when playing away from home.

Youth basketball uniforms may include tank tops or team members may wear jerseys instead. Shirts may have round necks or v-necks. Team members can be given the opportunity to offer some input into the design of their uniforms or teams could even ask fans to vote on a uniform design.

Many teams update their uniforms every season, or nearly every season, for a fresh look and improved comfort. However, to avoid confusing fans, it’s not a good idea to make radical changes to your team’s uniforms very often. Stick with the same colors and other graphics and only make minor changes to the appearance of the uniform if needed. You can change to a more durable or comfortable fabric, though, without making the uniforms less recognizable to fans.

Rules about Youth Basketball Uniforms

The NBA has strict rules about the uniforms NBA team members must wear. For instance, shorts cannot be longer than one inch above the knee. All players on a team must wear identical uniforms, differing only in the numbers and names displayed on the shirts. Coaches are expected to wear sports coats, though, not basketball gear.

While youth basketball teams don’t have to follow such strict rules, it’s a good idea to require all team members to wear identical uniforms or at least very similar attire. Other rules can be decided upon by the coach, team members or representatives of the league if your team is indeed part of a youth basketball league. Whatever the rules agreed upon by your team, encourage young players to stick with them and to wear their uniforms with pride.

Shopping for Uniforms

There is a lot to keep in mind when shopping for a basketball uniform. Take your time in selecting the right uniform to meet the needs of your team. One of our favorite places to shop for basketball apparel is They have a great selection of NBA and NCAA apparel, and they can also make custom orders. Their prices are the best on the net.

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