Dominate The Boards With These Basketball Rebounding Fundamentals

By learning and understanding the Basketball Rebounding Fundamentals below:

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  • Players will become more effective at rebounding the basketball.

  • Parents will be able to help their child practice and learn the techniques needed to be good rebounder.

  • Coaches will increase their knowledge and understanding of theproper rebounding techniques. They will be much more effective at teaching this critical aspect of the game.

I hope you find these fundamentals of basketball rebounding to be helpful and informative. Best of luck!

Basketball Rebounding Fundamentals
For Success

  • Getting good position is the key to good rebounding.

  • Players should anticipate where the missed shot will rebound to.

  • The ball is more likely to rebound to the opposite side from where the shot was taken.

  • When getting in position for the rebound it is important to make contact with your opponent by pivoting into them.

  • When boxing out your opponent, keep a low base with the knees bent and hands up.

  • When you've established a good box out position, go toward the basket for the rebound.

  • After getting the rebound hold the ball at chest height with elbows out. This is called chinning the ball.

  • The outlet pass should be made as quickly as possible after a defensive rebound.

  • To make the outlet pass, players should first forward or reverse pivot to pass away from the opponent and toward their teammate.

  • After getting an offensive rebound in close to the basket, players should go up strong for a shot or lay-up.

  • After getting an offensive rebound further away from the basket, players can shoot if they're open, pass to an open teammate, or re-set the offense.

  • When your opponent shoots the ball, watch how they follow their shot. They are often the best judge of where the rebound will go.

  • After boxing out the shooter, try to beat them to that spot.

  • Boxing out your opponent may result in you or a teammate rebounding the basketball. It is important to box out as a team.

  • You should box out with the desire to stop your opponent from getting the ball.

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