Elevate Your Game With These Basketball Passing Fundamentals

By understanding and mastering the Basketball Passing Fundamentals below:

  • Players will improve their passing and catching skills.

  • Parents will be able to help their child practice and learn the proper techniques of passing.

  • Coaches will increase their knowledge and understanding of passing. They will also become more effective at teaching this important skill of the game.

Valuable Basketball Passing

  • Passing should be the first option to move the ball up the court.

  • Practice passing against a wall or with a friend. Set a target and aim for it.

  • Run when passing on the move, don't shuffle your feet - this slows you down.

  • Always pass ahead of the receiver on the move.

  • Always be a good receiver, show ten fingers and call for the ball.

  • In half-court offense catch the ball and get into a triple threat position, ready for action.

  • Make quick decisions. Anticipate your passing options before receiving the ball.

  • Step when making a pass. This will improve your power and balance.

  • Fake a pass before you make a pass. This will keep the defense off balance.

  • Fake high - pass low. Fake low - pass high. Again, keep the defense guessing and off balance.

  • When using a push pass, pass with the hand away from the defense.

  • In general, when making a push pass to the left - use the left hand and when making a push pass to the right - use the right hand.

  • Practice all passes with both hands. Improve your weak hand.

  • Use baseball and overhead passes for long distance passes, such as outlets.

  • Avoid passing over the top of the defense. Only do this when necessary.

  • Avoid bounce passes around the three-point line and in the open court. Short, quick chest passes work better in this situation.

  • Bounce passes are normally slow and easily picked off.

  • Use bounce passes to feed the post.

  • Avoid making bounce passes across the key area.

  • Add the hand-off to your game. Many offensive options can be created from the hand-off.

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