Basketball Dribbling Tips For Players, Parents and Coaches

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These Basketball Dribbling Tips are designed to give players, parents and coaches a better understanding of the skills needed to become effective at dribbling the ball.

To be a threat on the offensive end of the court, and to be a valuable asset to your team, players must learn to dribble the basketball. Obviously, some players will dribble the ball much more than others; however, it is still important for all players to be efficient at dribbling.

The basketball dribbling tips below are a great compliment to our page on basketball dribbling drills. I would encourage you to visit that page to learn more about the specific drills needed to improve a player's dribbling skills.

Basketball Dribbling Tips

  • Players should control the basketball with the padded part of their fingers, known as their finger pads.

  • Players should avoid using their palms to control the basketball.

  • Players should keep their fingers spread apart while dribbling.

  • Players should keep their hand on top of the ball when dribbling. This will prevent the player from carrying the basketball, which is a violation.

  • When starting to dribble, the basketball must leave the player's hand before the pivot foot leaves the floor.

  • Players should practice dribbling with both their right and left hand.

  • Players should keep their head up while dribbling. This will allow them to see the entire court which makes them more effective with the ball.

  • Players should keep their non-dribbling hand up to shield the defender.

  • Players should also use their body to shield the defender.

  • Players should use a quick stop when they want to end their dribble.

  • Players should keep the ball and their body low while dribbling. This will make it more difficult for the defender to steal the basketball.

  • Players should have a purpose when dribbling. They should know what they intend to do at the end of their dribble.

  • Players should avoid dribbling the ball once or twice and then stopping. This is a wasted dribble and puts the player in a difficult situation.

  • Players should avoid dribbling between two defenders. The ball is more likely to get stolen in this situation.

  • Players should avoid dribbling into the corners of the court where the defenders can trap them.

  • Players should keep their dribble "alive" until they are ready to either pass or shoot.

  • Players should practice various dribbling drills on their own as much as possible.


I hope you found these Basketball Dribbling Tips to be helpful and informative. Dribbling is a skill that all basketball players must work on. These tips should give you a better understanding of the techniques needed to improve this important skill.

If you need more great information on these youth basketball tips or other basketball topics, I would suggest you purchase some good basketball books and videos. These will provide you with a wealth of knowledge about the game of basketball.

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