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Derek Kellogg ready to unleash his eBasketballDrills program!
March 15, 2010

If you've ever wanted to turn your team into a real powerhouse in minimal time, then you need to read this email very closely.

Derek Kellogg (Head Coach at UMass) is about to unleash his eBasketballDrills program on to the world.

It's going to change everything you know about coaching.

No exaggeration.

You're probably wondering *how* it's going to do that...

Well, imagine a place where you could get direct access to Derek himself, plus other experts from his Division 1 coaching network.

...and imagine if Derek was ready to reveal all his biggest secrets to you... the stuff he uses to turn skinny high school kids into NBA ready superstars, week in, week out.

Seriously, imagine how good YOUR team would be if you could use Derek's exact drills to raise their game...

not to mention what it will do for you as a coach.

*****But Here Comes The Bad News*****

The bad news is, the doors aren't open yet. Things will go crazy as soon as it opens up, but right now they're just fine tuning and getting everything ready for you.

The OTHER bad news is there is only space for a certain number of people to get in on this once it goes live...

but don't worry.

I'll shoot you an email the second it does, and you can check it out firsthand.

This is going to change the way you look at coaching forever, I guarantee it.

Joe Waters


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