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December 03, 2007

Youth Hoops - December 3, 2007

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Quote Of The Week

Systems win! Believe in your system, and then sell it to your players.

Billy Donovan

Check out this incredible collection of inspirational basketball quotes.


Tip Of The Week


As an offensive basketball player, one of the most important skills you'll need to develop is the fake. There are many fakes that you can use to become more effective on offense...Head fake, shoulder fake, eye fake, ball fake, foot fake, and any combination of these.

In order to use these fakes properly and gain an advantage over the defensive player, you should follow these five rules.

Five Rules For Faking:

1. Never telegraph a fake. This makes the fake ineffective. Your fake needs to catch the defense by surprise.

2. Do not fake too often. Again, this makes your fakes ineffective.

3. Protect the basketball while making your fakes. A good defender will steal the ball if you're not protecting it during your fake.

4. Know your opponent. Know how your opponent plays defense and then fake accordingly. If they lean in one direction, fake in that direction to get them off balance and then go in the other direction.

5. Be creative while making your fakes. Sometimes it takes one, two even three or more fakes to throw off your defender.

By following these five rules for faking, you will become a more potent offensive basketball player. If you need more tips and advice, visit our Basketball Tips Page.


Running the fast break is an effective way for your team to score easy baskets, prevent your opponent from setting up their defense, and controlling the tempo of the game.

To run the primary fast break effectively, there are certain principles or guidelines that you must teach your players. Once they understand these, they will be able to execute and finish the fast break effectively. This means more points on the scoreboard in the end.

Rules Of The Fast Break: (Courtesy of coach Ken Lindsay)

1. Look up and see the whole floor.

2. Pass ahead to any open player ahead of you.

3. Run! Run! Run the floor!

4. Play under control.

5. Let the play develop itself.

6. Read the numbers...go to the spot where you will have the advantage.

7. Make the defense play you.

8. Stay wide to fill the lanes. (Within one foot of the sideline.)

9. Make the easy play.

10. When bringing the ball up the middle...stop at the free-throw line to shoot or make your pass.

11. Use the chest pass on the break. The bounce pass is too hard to handle.

12. The last player down-court stops at the top of the free-throw circle serves as safety in case of a turnover.

13. Be a good receiver.

14. Communicate! Communicate!

15. Don't have your mind made up about what you want to do.

16. Don't overpass.

17. Jump to meet a pass with both feet off the floor.

18. Pass with both feet on the floor.

19. Don't pass to a player in trouble.

20. Take giant steps.

21. Settle for an open 12 footer instead of a contested 8 footer.

Teaching your players these rules, will enable them to run the fast break efficiently and effectively. Teams that are able to do this, have a decided advantage over their opponents because they are able to create many easy scoring opportunities.

For more coaching tips and advice, visit our Basketball Coaching Page.


Product Reviews Of The Week


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Ganon Baker DVD Series - Skill Development 3-Pack

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The Lighter Side Of Basketball

Antoine Walker, who never saw a three-pointer he didn't like, was once asked why he took so many three-point shots. "Because," he replied, "there aren't any fours!"


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