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3 Powerful Basketball Jump Training Exercises
October 06, 2010

Youth Hoops - October 6, 2010

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3 Powerful Basketball Jump Training Exercises

Is basketball jump training an important element in the overall development of a basketball player? The answer is a definite "Yes". If you are a basketball player or coach, then you understand how important the vertical jump is in the game of basketball.

Having an explosive vertical jump is a critical part of a players' ability to rebound, block shots and shoot a jump shot. Basketball players that have an explosive vertical jump are able to perform these skills more effectively and efficiently.

There are three basketball jump training exercises that athletes can perform to help increase their vertical jump - the squat, lunge and step up. These vertical jump exercises are all compound exercises working both the knee and hip joints. These exercises are simple and effective, yet produce incredible results for the basketball player.

3 Basketball Jump Training Exercises...


The squat is the most effective exercise to increase vertical jump...if performed correctly.

Key points to remember...

-Start in an athletic stance.

-The bar should be placed across the upper back - not the neck.

-The chest should be out. The back should be tight with a slight forward lean.

-The knees should remain directly above the feet.

-Squat to a parallel position, keeping your weight on the heels.

-Concentrate on technique to insure your safety.


Lunges are done in one of two ways...Holding dumbbells or with a bar across the upper back.

Key points to remember...

-Start and remain in an upright position.

-Step forward as far as possible without leaning forward with your upper body.

-Step until your front knee is at a 90 degree angle.

-Step back to starting position in one step.

-Perform 10 lunges with one leg, and then repeat with the other.

Step Ups

To perform step ups you need dumbbells and a bench or step-up box. The bench or box should be 16-18 inches high.

Key points to remember...

-Start in an upright position with a dumbbell in each hand.

-Step up on the box or bench with one foot so that your knee is in a 90 degree angle.

-Step up with the other foot so that both feet are on the box or bench.

-Step back down one foot at a time.

-Perform 10 step ups with one leg, and then repeat with the other.

Performing these basketball jump training exercises on a consistent basis will help players dramatically improve their vertical jump.

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