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January 07, 2008

Youth Hoops - January 7, 2008

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Quote Of The Month

"You build your program from the ideas of great coaches."

Don Meyer

Check out this incredible collection of inspirational basketball quotes.


Tip Of The Month


In my opinion, dribbling at the high school and even college level has become sloppy. I think there is too much emphasis on being flashy with the basketball, and not enough emphasis on the basic fundamentals of dribbling.

Now, I love a great crossover or hesitation move as much as the next guy does. I just feel that those aspects of dribbling have become more important than actually becoming an effective offensive player with the basketball.

Here are 11 tips to help you develop and work on your dribbling skills and fundamentals.

1. Stay low when dribbling the ball.

2. Keep your head up so you can see the court.

3. Always play under control.

4. Attack the defender when you have the basketball. Don't avoid him.

5. Dribble with a purpose. Go somewhere with your dribble.

6. Work on strengthening your weak hand.

7. When you beat your defender, keep them behind you. Don't let them regain defensive position.

8. Protect the ball with your body and off hand. Shield the defender from the ball.

9. Use a change of pace and speed to keep the defender off balance.

10. Use a change of direction to make the defender work hard to guard you.

11. Constantly practice your dribbling and offensive moves to become a dominant offensive player.

By following these eleven tips for dribbling, you will become a more dominant offensive basketball player. If you need more tips and advice, visit our Basketball Tips Page.


Many basketball games are won in the final minutes of play. How well your team performs offensively during these late stages will often determine the outcome of the game. As the coach, it is important that you teach your players how to play with poise and determination while still being aggressive.

Below I have listed seven keys that will help you and your players become more successful late in the game.

1. When the pressure is on, players must maintain constant mental concentration and poise.

2. Players must stay in their offensive pattern and continue to move the ball and work for a good shot.

3. Read the defense and anticipate when they will gamble and try to steal a pass. Defenses often play for steals down the final stretch of the game.

4. Pass the ball inside more for high percentage shots.

5. Get to the foul line. By keeping pressure on the defense and driving to the basket, more free throw opportunities will be created late in the game.

6. Go aggressively after offensive rebounds. Second and third shot opportunities are critical late in the game.

7. Try to save as many, if not all, of your time outs for the end of the game. That's when they're most important and useful.

By teaching your players how to perform well late in the game, you are putting them in a better position to succeed on the court.

For more coaching tips and advice, visit our Basketball Coaching Page.


Product Reviews Of The Month


Basketball IntelliGym

The Basketball IntelliGym is the world's first Basketball Mental Training tool designed for basketball players. This amazing tool is successfully being used on the high school, collegiate and professional levels. Read more here...


The Naypalm Dribbling Aid

The Naypalm Dribbling Aid is an excellent product designed to teach players to use their fingertips - not their palms - to control the basketball. Read more here...


The Lighter Side Of Basketball

"Fans never fall asleep at our games, because they're afraid they might get hit by a pass."

--George Raveling.


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