3 Full Halfs

by Joe lacombe
(Skowheagan,maine,unitede states)

Basketball Drills - Sprints

Basketball Drills - Sprints

The basketball players line up on the base line.

When the coach says go you run full court and back, then half court and back, then full court and back, than half court and back, then full court and back then half court and back.

Take a 40 second break and then do it again.

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Dec 24, 2009
Hate That
by: Anonymous

My coach makes us run those for 10 minutes straight...where I'm from they're called suicides.

Feb 14, 2008
Good conditioning drill
by: Joe Waters - webmaster

Thanks for the basketball drill Joe.

This is an excellent conditioning drill or a good one to use when a coach needs to get the players' attention ;)

I like to incorporate my conditioning right into my practice drills; however, regular sprints like this serve a their purpose as well.

Thanks again.

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